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Email: sales@OBFishFarming.org Haiti Phone #: 509-48858397

Ornamental Fish

Ornamental Tropical Fish Project

Operation Blessing is implementing an ornamental tropical fish hatchery. This hatchery consists of 100 tanks with recirculation filters, temperature control, a water chemistry laboratory and fish health lab. Read more here.

Fish Hatchery

Tilapia Hatchery

Operation Blessing International has constructed and is operating a state-of-the-art intensive tilapia hatchery in a Santo, Port Au Prince Haiti. This facility has the capacity to produce many millions of tilapia seed… Read more here.

Fish Farms

La Bonne Nouvelle

Operation Blessing Haita’s tilapia fish farms, ornamental fish project, and Lakay ZB Resto Plus restaurant are featured in this recent episode of the popular Haiti TV show, La Bonne Nouvelle. Click here to watch and learn more.